The Chitrakshar app will help you learn languages such as Marathi, Sanskrit, Hindi, and English using the alphabet picture card match method and voice-overs.

Chitrakshar Pro’s in-app auto-renewing subscription will help you achieve your linguistic goals. Unlock interactive audio, visuals, illustrations, and word pronunciation for simplified learning with a subscription.

The app uses old teaching methodologies such as Aksharmala/Varnamala or Alphabets Picture Card Match.


  1. Intuitive visuals and illustrations help your children match the alphabet with animals, fruits, vegetables, gods, and humans.
  2. Professionally recorded voice-overs guide your children to pronounce alphabets and statements correctly.
  3. Simple statements are used to help your children to ease pronunciation and sentence construction.
  4. Simple statements attract kids’ attention towards Devanagari/Latin script alphabet recognition, identification and pronunciation.