Chitrakshar app will help you to learn Indic languages such as Marathi, Sanskrit and Hindi using alphabet charts with visuals and voice-overs.

This is a golden opportunity for every Marathi / Sanskrit / Hindi speaking household to teach their children alphabets using simplified charts and statements. The app is based on very old teaching and education methodologies such as ‘Aksharmala’ and ‘Varnamala’. This App uses visuals such as animals, fruits, vegetables to teach children to identify the alphabet using names and also helps kids to pronounce alphabets using background sounds that pronounce alphabets and visuals.

Simple statements are used to attract the attention of kids towards Devanagari alphabets recognition, identification and pronunciation.

Following aids are available to help your children to learn Devanagari Alphabets:

  1. Intuitive visuals and illustrations are used to help your children to identify alphabets and relate alphabets to objects such as animals, fruits, vegetables, gods, humans.
  2. Professional voiceovers artist’s voices used to help your children to correctly pronounce alphabets and names.
  3. Simple statements are used to help your children to ease pronunciation and sentence construction.
  4. English translation is provided for every Marathi, Sanskrit and Hindi word. Visuals + Voice Overs + Translation will help any individual to easily grasp Indic languages.

We are immensely happy to dedicate our best efforts to enable everyone to learn the Devanagari script.

Also do check out our two other apps called Mudrakshar for learning to write, trace, pronounce and identify Devanagari Alphabets. And Swarakshar which includes 422 Devanagari Script Alphabets with voice overs.

All of our apps including Mudrakshar, Swarakshar and Chitrakshar are available on your iPhone (iOS), iPod touch (iOS), iPad (iPadOS) and on your Mac (macOS) Desktop or Laptop Computer.

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